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Bible and Theology

101 - Biblical Beliefs
This course presents foundational Bible doctrines in a popular, easy-to-understand format. Covered in the course are creation and the fall of man, faith and regeneration, justification and adoption, prayer and worship, angels, Satan, resurrection and judgment, and the church.

102 - New Testament Survey
The New Testament Survey course brings unity and chronological sequence to New Testament study by weaving the contents of the books around a central theme--the person of Christ. Divisions are the synoptic Gospels, the gospels of John, the Book of Acts, the Pauline Epistles in chronological order, the General Epistles, and the Book of Revelation.

103 - Old Testament Survey
(Part 1) A sweeping overview of God's working from creation through the early days of His chosen people. Topics include the patriarchs, Israel's Promised Land trek, David's reign, Solomon's kingdom, the kingdom of Judah, and the exile.

(Part 2) God's working from the accounts in Job through Malachi. The poetry and prophecy are explored to gain insight into God's dealings with His people and to relate these great writings of the prophets to us today. With a chronological sequence of events, historic and contextual information is readily grasped.

104 - The Triune God
This course covers the individuality of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and the biblical teaching of the Trinity. Topics include the character and work of God; the reexistence, incarnation, deity, death, resurrection and return of Christ as well as the personality and power of the Holy Spirit.

105 - You and Your Bible
Believers should be well informed about the Word of God. This course presents the inspiration and authorship of the Bible, how it was preserved, why we believe it, how we deal with its problems and critics, the role of archeology, and ways to study the Bible more effectively.

Ministry Skills

201 - Sunday School Ministry: The Church at Study
This course clarifies the traditional purposes, functions, and organization of the local church program known as Sunday School. Whether you are a teacher, leader, superintendent, interested lay person, or one who simply has a desire to be involved in a ministry devoted to studying God's Word, then Sunday School Ministry is written for you.

202 - Church Educational Ministries: More Than Sunday School
This course provides a panorama of educational ministries in the local church: Sunday School, home Bible studies, summer ministries, retreats and camps, adult education, youth and club programs, children's church, and missions. It presents each program's uniqueness, strengths, structure, and resources..

203 - Growing Toward Spiritual Maturity
A strategy for growing toward Christlikeness must be based on the actual ways that people grow and develop into maturity in Christ. Through identifying and understanding how we grow spiritually, we become more intentional in our use of time and methods.

204 - Teaching Techniques
Dr. Ken Riggs has harnessed the realm of educational methods into reader-friendly, practical segments every Bible teacher can grasp. Studying Jesus’ Example (four chapters) What is An Effective Teacher? (including the timeless Seven Laws of Teaching) Educational Psychology (why it informs our Learning Plans today) Three historical Biblical educators that impact our teaching.

205 - Teaching Adults with Confidence
Teaching adults is really about training leaders. God has uniquely created adults to be the spiritual pillars of the church. Their growing maturity in faith, extensive Bible knowledge, and godly character are examples to the younger generation. Their leadership in family, ministry, and the workplace impacts lives deeply. As children, youth, and other adults listen to their words or watch their lifestyles, they learn more about a personal relationship with the Creator. Your ministry will be multiplied as you equip adult leaders.

206 - Teaching Youth with Confidence
It is imperative that young people know and understand the foundational truths of Scripture. How shall teenagers know right from wrong if they do not understand biblical precepts? How can their lives be transformed if they do not learn to interact with the Word? Unfortunately, it appears that contemporary churched youth are ambivalent and confused about truth as they grow up in a climate where the possibility of knowing absolute truth is denied. It is the responsibility of the teacher to help his or her students respond to these urgent life-related issues in a biblical way.

207 - Understanding Music & Worship in the Local Church
Focusing on the important role of music and worship in the life of the church. It provides a historical overview of music and worship, biblical foundations for both, and practical instruction on how to renew both in the local church.

208 - Understanding Teaching
A biblical understanding of teaching brings appreciation for this spiritual gift. Approaching this task biblically involves empowerment from the Holy Spirit, insight into God's Word, sharp communication skills, and accurate interaction with students. It is a companion volume to Teaching Techniques.

209 - Preaching Lab
This course is designed to enhance the preaching and teaching skills of the serious student of Biblical Preaching, through practical and personal interaction in a live constructive setting. Experienced preachers will be consulted throughout the course.


Leadership Skills

301 - Christian Ethics in a Post-modern World
A Christian approach to complex ethical topics in the postmodern era challenges us to identify how we relate to culture. As a church historian Eckman argues that Christians, who hold to a set of ethical absolutes, have related to their culture in one of three ways: separation, accommodation, or transformation. This course explores a synthesis of all three, viewed through the lens of Scripture, to formulate a strategy for today. Critical ethical questions on abortion, euthanasia, bioethics, human sexuality, politics, war, capital punishment, work, race, the arts, and the environment are threads that weave the moral fabric to which believers must come to terms.

302 - Effectively Leading: A Guide for All Church Leader
This course provides a panorama of educational ministries in the local church: Sunday School, home Bible studies, summer ministries, retreats and camps, adult education, youth and club programs, children's church, and missions. It presents each program's uniqueness, strengths, structure, and resources.

303 - Perspectives from Church History
A strategy for Written as a basic introduction to the subject, this course covers four major periods of church history: The Ancient Church, The Medieval Church, The Reformation Church, and The Modern Church. It is designed to give Christians an overview of their spiritual heritage.

304 - Understanding People
To truly understand people we must combine the rigorous formal study of developmental issues with our own observations and thorough study of Scripture. This course helps the Bible teacher enhance ministry skills to work with people more effectively.

305 - Biblical Leadership
Increasingly church leaders base their ministries on secular principles rather than the timeless principles of God’s Word. This course will help you grasp a New Testament picture of leadership that is person-centered and team-centered, strategically placed to use their gifts in service of their Lord.

Outreach Skills

401 - Beyond Reasonable Doubt
Aside from personal faith in God, is there any evidence to substantiate the claims of Christianity? You be the judge! This text is an introduction to the study of apologetics. It will take you step-by-step through the well-documented evidence.

402 - The Truth About Worldviews: A Biblical Understanding of Worldview Alternatives
In a world where multiple "truths" abound, Christians need to be on their guard to avoid being deceived by other ways of looking at the world that directly oppose Christ and His Word. To be prepared, they must be well informed of these other worldviews and how they differ from Christianity. In this Biblical Essentials study, Dr. Eckman analyzes the main world religions, cults, and philosophical systems as worldviews. He asserts that genuine, biblical Christianity is the only worldview that answers every question relating to spirituality, morality, and the meaning of life.

403 - World Missions Today
This course provides an overview of missions which will inspire you to pray for, work for, and give to missions as well as compel others to do the same.

404 - Your Ministry of Evangelism
Your Ministry of Evangelism - Evangelism is the mandate for church growth today. This course covers the biblical foundations of evangelism, conversion and regeneration, how to lead a person to a decision for Christ, age-specific techniques, team efforts, visitation, discipling new believers, and the importance of prayer in the entire process of evangelism.