Deacon Ministry

The Deacons of Grace are a group of servants who support the Pastor, ministries, staff and the community. They are assign the tasks of assisting with the church ordinances of baptism and communion, as well as ministering to individual members who are in need. You will find our faithful deacons visiting the sick, encouraging those in distress and comforting the bereaved. The Deacons are involved in family ministry where each deacon is assigned family members by name. Contact information for your family Deacon is located in your Sunday morning program.


Dea. Leonard Banks

Dea. Wendell Bullock

Dea. Joseph Butler

Dea. James Cato, Asst. Chairman

Dea. Harold Cunningham
(Cosey-Davis, C. Jr.)

Dea. Levertis Davis
(Davis, D.-Duron)

Dea. Warren Deshields

Dea. Major Hall, Chairman

Dea. Kenneth Hardin

Dea. Eugene Hill

Dea. Luther James

Dea. Donald Knighton
(Hunley-Johnson, Tani.)

Dea. Willis Knowles
(Johnson, Tar. - Lewis)

Dea. Tillman Lanier

Dea. Isaac Lee
(Meadows, R.-Newton)

Dea. Jonathan Martin
(Nious-Perkins, S.)

Dea. Ronnie Meadows

Dea. Milton Perkins

Dea. Willie Perkins

Dea. Junior Phillips

Dea. Keith Rice

Dea. Carl Ryals