The Brotherhood provides an opportunity for the Men of Grace to deepen their spirituality and to support the total program of the church. We endeavor to teach men how to study the Bible; how to lead the lost to Christ; how to live a Christian life; how to undergird the whole program of the church; how to respect the leadership and how to use the talents and abilities God has given them. We encourage you to come out and take an active part in the activities and fellowship with other Christian men.

Brotherhood meets every 1st Monday at 7:00 p.m.
President: Dea. Wendell Bullock


Children’s Church

The "Truth Tent," our Children's Church Ministry, is to help children experience God's Purpose, Presence, and Power through their lives. Our directors and volunteers provide care to your children in a safe, secured environment, and help them discover God’s amazing love for them. They will enjoy age-appropriate lessons and fun, engaging activities. Children's Church is available for children ages 3 (potty-trained) through 12 years.

Available every Sunday except 2nd Sundays, checkin begins at 9:30 a.m.
Directors: Sis. Renee Ford, Sis. Yolanda Shelby & Sis. Paula Hubbard

The Deacons of Grace are a group of servants who support the Pastor, ministries, staff and the community. The are assign the tasks of assisting with the church ordinances of baptism and communion, as well as ministering to individual members who are in need. You will find faithful deacons visiting the sick, encouraging those in distress and comforting the bereaved.

Chairman: Dea. Major Hall
Asst.-Chair: Dea. James Cato


Education Committee

The Education Committee seeks to enhance the academic and life experiences of our youth from kindergarten through college and beyond. We intend to complement the efforts of students and families to maximize their potential, achieve their goals, and become academically successful, culturally rich, and spiritually gifted citizens for God.

President: Sis. Kimberly Robertson


Grace Cares

Grace Cares is designed to assist those suffering from natural disasters. Grace Cares delivers needed items to residents in Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma.

Chairperson: Bro. Antonio Dennie


Grace Embraces

The Grace Embraces ministry helps new members become active participants of our church family as we journey together toward spiritual maturity. New church members require much more that a handshake when they join church. They need a Christ-centered friendship with someone who will walk by their side and make them feel welcome. This new friend will be prepared to introduce them to other church members, answer their questions, and help them become absorbed in the functions of the body of Christ at Grace First Baptist Church.

Grace Embraces meets every 1st Monday at 7:00 p.m.
Chairperson: Sis. Anita Fitten


Interdisciplinary Health Care Team

The Interdisciplinary Health Care Team (IHCT) is composed of persons who serve in the various health care disciplines. Its objectives are to provide on-site first aid care and to provide health education to members of the congregation. The team secures and distributes health care literature, conducts in-house education and training sessions, and sponsors presentations by health care experts from city and state institutions.

The Health Care Team meets every 1st Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.
President: Sis. Vivian Pankey


Intercessory Prayer

The focus of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry is to pray without ceasing for the salvation of the unsaved, for the reconciliation and restoration of the backslidden, and for the unity, strength, and steadfastness of the saints to persevere until our LORD Jesus Christ's return. This ministry is dedicated to the mission of covering the body of Christ's with fervent and strategic prayers as well as teaching all believers of the responsibility and importance of developing and maintaining a vital prayer life.

Intercessory Prayer meets every Wednesday at 6:15 p.m.
Prayer Class meets every 2nd Saturday
Chairperson: Sis. Resheemah Davis


Ministers’ & Deacons’ Wives

The Ministers and Deacons Wives are a support system for the Pastor, Ministers, Deacons and the Church. They handle the preparations for the communion and are the contact source for those individuals to be baptized. They also sponsor an annual luncheon for the Keenagers (age 65+) as a way of honoring our senior members.

Meetings are held the Tuesday before 1st Sunday at 7:00 p.m.
President: Sis. Jan Perkins


Mission I

Mission One's objective is to exhibit a Christ-like concern for everyone and to help in spreading the good news of Jesus to the church family and community. Mission One established bereavement groups to provide fellowship to bereaved members and member recuperating from illness. Other activities include visiting nursing homes, supporting area shelters, providing holiday food baskets and school supply distribution.

Mission I meets every 1st Monday at 1:00 p.m.
President: Sis. Mary Michael


Mission II

The Mission Two strives to increase the spiritual growth and awareness of all who are involved in their ministry by witnessing to others through fellowship, Bible study and prayer. They also serve the community and city through such efforts as the Annual Clothes Drive, Community Dinner each December and frequent visits to the local nursing homes. Mission II also hosts the Mother's Day Brunch, the Father's Day Brunch and the Annual Senior Luncheon.

Mission II meets every 2nd Thursday at 7:00 p.m.
President: Sis. Brenda Knowles



The Music Department in an integral part of the church providing inspirational singing each Sunday morning during the worship service. This department consists of the Sanctuary Choir, Male Chorus, Adult Contemporary Choir, Youth Choir, and Mission Chorus. The purpose of this ministry is to praise the Lord through songs and music.

Minister of Music: Sis. Vanessa Allen
Sanctuary Choir President: Sis. Michelle Cosey
Male Chorus President: Bro. Ernie Small
Adult Contemporary Choir (ACC) President: Bro. Demicus Greene



The Outreach Ministry is a rewarding and exciting mission program with tasks involving the entire church. The committee has touched and changed lives locally and around the world. Activities include food distribution to the local community, donation of first aid stations and kits to Haiti, participation in the Meals on Wheels Program, sponsorship of orphans in Uganda and providing assistance to correctional facilities.

The Outreach Ministry meets every 2nd Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.
Chairperson: Sis. Avis Banks


Senior Connection

The Senior Connection provides a variety of programs and activities to strengthen, empower spiritual and mental growth, and minimize isolation and loneliness while meeting the physical, emotional and social needs of our seniors.

The Senior Connection meets every 2nd Thursday at 11:00 a.m.
Chairperson: Sis. Minnie Wilson


Single With God

The mission of the 'Single With God" ministry is to provide a ministry to single adults that fosters individual wholeness through a relationship with God. Our desire is for our single adults to grow in the image of Christ and prepare for their destiny God had planned for them. This ministry is for anyone single, 18 years and older who have never been married, are divorced, widowed, and single parents.

The Single With God Ministry meets every 4th Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.
President: Sis. Caroline Jones


Sunday School

Sunday School's mission is to teach and equip the saints, and to evangelize the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sunday School offers religious instructions to all ages from infancy through adulthood each Sunday Morning.

Sunday School begins at 8:30AM every Sunday
Sunday School Review (teachers) are held every Thursday 6:30PM
Superintendent: Dea. Donald Knighton



In need of a ride? The Grace Transportation Ministry is a way for our members and visitors without available transportation to attend church services and bible study. The vans are also used for auxiliary outings, funerals, food deliveries and other needs of the church. For routes and scheduling, contact Bro. Billy Weaver at (210) 674-3652.

Chairperson: Bro. Billy Weaver



Ushers hold one of the most visible positions within the church. They should possess the spirit of David "The Great Doorkeeper", and be truly glad when they enter to House of God to be able to set the precious jewels of the Lord. Ushers serve during all activities at the church to include funerals, weddings, auxiliary's annual days and they accompany the Pastor to other churches when he is the guest minister.

The Usher Ministry meets every 4th Monday at 7:00 p.m.
President: Bro. Donald Warner


Women Who Will

The Women Who Will is a ministry that nurtures, equips, supports and encourage women from a feminine perspective as they do their part in carrying the "Gospel" to the world by building strong families through the Word of God.

Co-Chairpersons: Sis. Renee Ford & Sis. Carmenn Miles


Young Adults

The 'M.O.S.T.T.' Young Adult Ministry heavily focuses on giving "More of Our Service, Time, and Talent" for Christ, by building each other up in the faith through useful, and impactful weekly bible studies that relate to where we are today as young adults as well as being a constant helping hand to the community.

The M.O.S.T.T. meets every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.
Chairperson: Sis. BreAna Foster



The Youth Ministry equips our youth to develop a deeper relationship with Christ, through bible study and prayer, to encourage uplifting relationships with one another, and empower life-changing relationships with non-believers. We are fully committed to prayerfully training our youth to be the type of young people that God can get the glory for what He has done in their lives. We have ministries and activities in place where youth can grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Youth Director: Sis. Wanda Guntz